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Veitch Lampost Trail

Tuesday 11 October 2016

Have you spotted a restored and decorated period lamp-post in St David's ? The idea of the lamp-post trail started because our historic cast-iron lamp-posts were under threat and some were being removed. They were in a shocking state of neglect. Residents of St David's and St James wanted to preserve them and secured funding for their restoration.

17 lamp posts were repainted in the original livery by Rob Gardeners in 2015. Most of the cast-iron lamp-posts were made at Exeter foundries (now closed) by firms such as Garton & King, F. Parkin and & Son, Willey & Sons.

To link these pieces of period street furniture with another famous heritage industry in the neighbourhood, horticulture, Kate Wilson (Botanical Illustrator) was commissioned to paint a different Veitch plant on each of the lamp-posts. The world renowned Veitch family, some generations having lived at 11 Elm Grove Road near Bury Meadow Park, set plant-hunters out all over the world bringing back plants which are now familiar to most of us as common garden plants.

So visit the Trail which starts in Elm Grove Road - see map - and see if any of the plants are in your garden. If they are, give thanks to the Veitch family which includes Sir Harry Veitch, creator of the Chelsea Flower Show. And at the end of the Trail, do visit The Mulberry Garden and Cafe for delicious home-made cake! View the trail...

Monday 19-February-2018
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Our neighbourhood beat manager is Robert Dodd (PC 2660)
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