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The St. David’s Neighbourhood Partnership was originally formed in 2003 by residents and local businesses in the St. David’s Hill area of Exeter, Devon.  This was largely to address the threat of losing the community centre, but its scope soon broadened into covering areas of common concern to the ever growing membership. From this, members met at length to create and agree the founding neighbourhood vision statement.

The association has a formal constitution which requires that it elects a committee from its members once a year at an annual general meeting (AGM). Following this election, the members meet to revisit the vision statement and determine priorities for the coming year.
The committee is then charged to focus its efforts according to those priorities and report back to the members via the periodic newsletters and the chair’s report to the AGM.

In 2007 the association took on its current name having originally been known as the St David' Residents and Businesses Association.  It felt that the association's name should convey a belief and practice of working in partnership at all levels and amongst ourselves as residents and businesses.  The main challenge being that of forging partnerships with outside agencies and public bodies, such as Exeter City Council and Devon County Council. 

At the heart of the vision statement and every subsequent annual revision by our members is the retention of the Community Centre as a community owned asset providing meeting space, accommodation for groups and a focus for projects. The belief that we could effect so much more for our neighbourhood by having the centre run on commercially sound principles by our own accountable community trust led us to raise £2 million to take over the freehold of the Centre from Devon County Council and refurbish the building and its garden. It is now a successful community enterprise employing local people and giving opportunities to book space or volunteer for projects.

Proposed changes in the way that local government operates (see the Department of Communities and Local Government website) mean that local communities who are well-organised can expect to have a significantly greater influence on matters affecting their areas than in the past. Following successful grant applications and with the support of our councillors we now take on community engagement projects to celebrate St David’s as a place to live and work and we are a lead community organisation in the development of a city wide community strategy that permits open and genuine community involvement.

Revised November 2015

Monday 19-February-2018
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Our local PCSO officer is Sarah Bloor (PCSO 30444)
Our neighbourhood beat manager is Robert Dodd (PC 2660)
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